Private Pilates in San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios offers private, one-on-one Pilates appointments with our exceptional instructors. Private instruction allows for you to work with an instructor on building a fitness regimen tailored to your needs, whether you are brand new to Pilates, or a seasoned veteran. Details of each session will be noted to track your progress, customize future workouts, and help you meet your goals.

Private Pilates at Maiden Lane Studios

  • At Maiden Lane Studios, our Pilates instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about helping people through the practice of Pilates. Our instructors have worked with a wide range of men and women, in age, lifestyle, and needs. We respect confidentiality and believe in the upmost professionalism when working with our clients.
  • Our Pilates program that is intelligent and comprehensive, ensuring we effectively train the entire body while keeping our workouts engaging and progressing.
  • Maiden Lane Studios employs an attentive and professional studio staff. Scheduling and payment are convenient and easy.
  • Our facilities are well-equipped, clean, and luxurious. We provide complimentary amenities such as towel service, keyless lockers, and high-end toiletries.
  • We are ideally located in downtown San Francisco (Union Square, SOMA, and Financial District), close to public transportation and parking.

I have been practicing Pilates since 2006, and the program at Maiden Lane Studios is hands down the best I have ever experienced.

JL | San Francisco

This is one of the best Pilates studios I have worked out in including places in NY and LA.

SS | San Francisco

Their endlessly creative approach to contemporary Pilates ensures I am always challenged and never bored. The team at Maiden Lane Studios takes pride in creating an environment that is welcoming, fun, and supportive for new clients and long-time regulars alike.

Jennifer | San Francisco

Kelsey is so skillful and teaches in a way that shows she really cares about her students. Any class with her will make you walk out feeling stronger, longer, and feeling like you got a top-notch work out.

Patricia | San Francisco

The Benefits of Private Pilates Sessions


  • Due to the huge range of benefits that Pilates provides, private Pilates sessions affords the ability to learn the complexities of the practice and get the most out of your Pilates workouts, whether you want to continue with private appointments and/or jump into classes in the future. Private sessions are great for those who are new to Pilates or for those who already practice regularly in classes and would like a tune-up.
  • Undivided attention and expertise: One-on-one sessions with an instructor will help you progress faster. Instructors can give you their full attention to make sure you get the most out of your time, with detailed explanations and recommendations, and track your progress.


  • We tailor Private Pilates appointments to best suit your body, lifestyle, and individual goals. Each session is a comprehensive workout and your progress is closely tracked, making your workouts continually effective and engaging each time.
  • We can take into account specials needs and address problems such as chronic pain or injuries, customizing workouts to remedy issues while strengthening the entire body.


  • Flexibility: Private sessions are extremely convenient for those with busy lifestyles, letting you choose the best time in your schedule for your workouts. For those who travel frequently, we can help customize fitness plans for you during the times you are unable to make it into the studio.
  • We make scheduling easy, whether your schedule changes often or if you want regular, reoccurring appointments. MLS also provides the option for in-home or in-office sessions.


  • A huge benefit of private sessions is the personal time it creates for yourself and the focus on your mind-body connection. You will find yourself connecting deeper within your body, which not only allows you to progress faster physically, but also helps relieve stress, improve mental clarity, and move better in your daily life.

Recommended for Private Pilates

Personal Training

New to Pilates



Pregnancy (Pre/Post)


The Versatility of Private Pilates

  • Personal Training: We work with a wide range of clientele, in age, lifestyle, goals, and special needs, as part of their regular workout regimen. Many of our clients also combine regular Pilates sessions to cross-train or complement other fitness modalities they practice, such as running or yoga.
  • Those who are new to practicing Pilates on the apparatus or those seeking a complement or tune-up to their regular Pilates practice.
  • Brides and other special occasions: Private Pilates sessions can be customized against your timeline to meet your goals. We will help get you the most results for your time, while providing you with energy and helping relieve stress.
  • Rehab Clients: Unlike traditional physical therapy that only focuses on an injured part and overlooks the rest of the body, in our private Pilates sessions we take an integrated and more effective approach to rehabilitation. We tailor specific movements to help heal and rehabilitate an injury, while creating a balanced workout to strengthen the entire body as a whole.
  • Pre-natal & Post-natal clients: In private Pilates sessions for those who are pre-natal, we work through each trimester with specific movement modifications and variations for the mothers changing body. Post-natal, we are able to safely work with the woman’s body that is healing after birth, giving them effective and targeted movements that will help with the return of the “pre-baby body.” Our pre- and post-natal workouts are still full-body, effective workouts.
  • Athletes: With Pilates being an excellent cross-training method for athletes, we customize sport specific movements that can give you an edge in your field, whether you cycle, run, play golf, etc. Pilates is also an especially unique training method that helps you develop a deeper mind-body connection, giving you not only a physical but mental edge in your athletic pursuits.

Private Pilates Pricing

Private Appointment with a Senior Certified Pilates Instructor

  • New Client First Session$99
  • New Client Pilates Start-up 3 Pack$275
  • Single Session$120
  • 5 Pack$575
  • 10 Pack$1100

Private Appointment with a Certified Pilates Instructor

  • New Client First Session$99
  • New Client Pilates Start-up 3 Pack$275
  • Single Session$110
  • 5 Pack$525
  • 10 Pack$1000

Duet Appointment

These private appointments with one of our Pilates instructors are for two clients who want to schedule an appointment together – great for friends, partners, and colleagues. Prices are listed per person.
  • Single Session$70
  • 5 Pack$325
  • 10 Pack$600