Pilates New Secret to Success of Red Sox Pitchers

[Excerpt from the article Pilates could be the new secret to success for Red Sox pitchers Chris Sale, David Price [Mass Live]]

Pilates focuses on the core strength in the lower back and abdomen while increasing flexibility, areas that ballplayers tend to ignore in workouts.

The Cubs’ Jake Arrieta was among the first vocal proponents in baseball of Pilates’ benefits. Now it seems to be seeping into more and more major league clubhouses.
On the Red Sox, it’s not just Sale that’s a believer in the routine. The Pilates wave has rippled throughout the clubhouse from Sale to David Price to Mitch Moreland and Chris Young.
“A big part of what makes me, me is flexibility,” Sale said. “Obviously, I don’t have big muscles, I’m not this big guy so I like to stay flexible, that’s kind of my craft if you will. The more I can build strength and maintain flexibility, the better off I am.”
It became such an important aspect of players’ offseason workouts, the Red Sox purchased a Pilates reformer, which is the machine that helps increase the intensity of the workouts with resistance of springs and levers.