Pilates Instructors

Pilates Instructors

We believe we all deserve the “celebrity” treatment, with the best instructors, a high level of personal attention, and genuine care.
Maiden Lane Studios carefully hires our Pilates instructors based on a number of factors:
  • All of our Pilates instructors (private Pilates and Pilates classes) have been certified through extensive, highly respected, PMA-accredited Pilates certification programs, or are undergoing their certification process.
  • Our Pilates instructors also have several years of experience working with individuals with varying needs, from those looking to get in better shape, to clients wanting to increase their athletic performance, to those with mild to severe injuries and movement disabilities.
  • With a focus and background in anatomy, physiology, and functional movement principles, our instructors are able to tailor sessions our clients, ensuring that they are functional and effective.
  • And very importantly, our instructors and staff are professional, warm, and passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals.


Certified Pilates & Barre Instructor
Corrie believes it is the nuances of Pilates that facilitate deep, restorative, and strengthening results; making it a unique and universally applicable compliment to other specialty sports, as well as an important aid in performing everyday tasks.
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Senior Certified Pilates & Barre Instructor
The newest edition to our Pilates team, Brigitte, has a BA in social psychology from UCLA, and Pilates certification from The Physical Mind Institute. She has had the good fortune of studying with both first generation Joseph Pilates classical Master Instructors who are known as the ‘Pilates elders’ and second generation Master Instructors.


Master Certified Pilates & Booty Barre® Instructor, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist Level III
Kelsey hails from a family of coaches and athletes of every variety in Central California. She found her initial passion in volleyball and was recruited to play at the University of California, San Diego. Kelsey has worked with clientèle of all ages, with a wide range of needs. She has seen elite athletes, to clients with severe Fibromyalgia, and women who are in their pre and post natal stages of life. She also helped develop a “Pilates for Pain” program with a chiropractic and physical therapy firm which focuses on assisting clients on working out and moving functionally after being discharged from physical therapy.


Senior Certified Pilates, Yoga & Barre Instructor
Chelsea was Balanced Body certified in 2012 and continued her education with a barre certification in 2014. After four years of teaching, she has refined her style to be both fun and challenging for her students, and aims to energize them to reach their maximum potential. Chelsea believes that through breath and functional movement one can achieve balance and peace of mind.
Pilates instructor in San Francisco


Certified Pilates Instructor
Kristen initially found Pilates in her hometown of Boston in 2005. After spending many of her high school and college years dancing classical ballet, Kristen gravitated to the precise and targeted movements of the Pilates repertoire. When Kristen relocated to the Bay Area in October 2013, she found Maiden Lane Studios, where she felt completely at home. With the encouragement of Kelsey and the MLS staff, Kristen began her journey to complete her certification through Body Arts and Sciences (BASI) in May 2014. She is excited to share her knowledge with MLS students.



Pilates Instructor
A lifelong fitness enthusiast, athlete and reformed cardio-addict, Lisa had tried just about every fitness class and workout trend. After running numerous marathons, half marathons, and even one 24 hour all night race, Lisa was sidelined with a foot injury that translated across her body to a gait issue. Through the incredible help of physical therapy, Lisa discovered Pilates and was able to relieve pain and become stronger, leaner and more flexible.
Pilates instructor in San Francisco


Senior Certified Pilates & Yoga Instructor
Miranda is a passionate advocate of the complimenting disciplines of Pilates and yoga. Her classes combine the focus, breath and mindset of yoga while maintaining the detail of Pilates instruction. She is dedicated to sharing the joy, challenges and rewards of deep conscious movement with her students.


Certified Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor
Ramona found yoga as a way to balance her hectic life as a young attorney. First introduced to yoga in the 90’s, she began a daily practice in 2008 to support her busy and active lifestyle. Ramona’s love for the practice grew as she learned that the study of yoga, and with it the discovery of the mind and body, could last more than a lifetime. This led her to deepen her study of yoga through a comprehensive teacher training with Maile Sivert and Caroline Kelley at The Mindful Body in San Francisco. It was also at this time that Ramona began Mysore-style Ashtanga and meditation practices that continue to bring awareness and philosophical insight to her study.