Pilates for Brides & Weddings

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It’s well known that brides want their wedding day to be perfect! Every detail from invitations to flowers and decorations, but most importantly, looking amazing in their wedding dress, is a must. In a study from Cornell University, “70% of 272 engaged women said they wanted to lose weight, typically 20 pounds” for their wedding day.

Brides now use Pilates to tone their entire body, focusing on their upper extremities (arms, shoulders and back) to look fabulous for their wedding day. It’s effective and efficient, even on a tight schedule: Victoria’s Secret models use Pilates as a quick go-to when prepping for photo shoots and their annual fashion shows, not to mention getting ready for their weddings.

Results-driven for the big day: Pilates helps cinch the waist and improve posture, tones the arms and back, and creates a firm and lifted backside
Pilates increases stamina and energy, while relieving stress.

With aerobic & cardiovascular components incorporate into your Pilates sessions, you burn calories and lose weight. Maiden Lane Studios combine three vital components into our Brides & Weddings program to help create a lean, sculpted, and sexy body. We combine strength, flexibility, balance focused workouts. We also help you with the nutritional side of the equation.

Bridal fitness is very specific and best not left to generic boot camps. Every bride and wedding is different with specific goals. View our Brides & Weddings Program

“I started doing Pilates because I read it would help with the (many) issues I was having as a runner. Not only did Pilates help my knees, feet, and hips, and also got me super-toned, just in time for my wedding.” – Glamour Weddings

“Of course they were totally cute before, but both brides said they felt stronger and more toned thanks to Pilates. One benefit that Kate mentioned was that she’s never bored of Pilates—which is one of the major reasons I’m still taking Pilates (and they are, too!) post-wedding. What started as a pre-wedding workout became a way of life. And it’s done wonders for my body post-baby. (Having a baby can do c-r-a-z-y things to your body, but I’m happy to report I’m back in all of my pre-baby clothes!)” – Glamour Weddings

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