WHEN: NEW YEAR 2017 Dates to be announced.
WHERE: 80 Maiden Lane, San Francisco
WHAT: The GRGT Pilates circuit class uses high-intensity interval training on the various Pilates apparatus. You have the option of taking just GRGT classes over the 4 weeks or combining GRGT classes with our signature Pilates apparatus classes.
Participants may mix and match what times work best for them over the 4-week period. All levels are welcome. Please note that space is limited, so sign up early!
WHY: Lose weight, build strength & your fitness level, tone and reshape the body, jumpstart your fitness routine and stay on track, supplement your existing workout program, or just have fun.
Please email us to get learn about upcoming 2017 Bootcamp sessions:

Pilates Boot Camp – GRGT™ 6-Week Pilates Circuit Class Program

GRGT™ [g-r-g-t: verb, adverb, adjective: get right, get tight™].
Get the benefits of our challenging, results-driven GRGT Pilates circuit classes combined with our signature, detailed Pilates apparatus classes. Tone the body, gain strength, and increase your fitness levels.
Extra Perks
Each participant in the GRGT™ Bootcamp will receive additional special perks!
  • MLS Recommended Nutrition Guideline
  • MLS 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Special pricing on group classes (barre, yoga, and Pilates mat classes), Pilates apparatus classes, and Pilates private appointments
Please email us to get learn about upcoming 2017 Bootcamp sessions:
Please note: The GRGT Bootcamp is an athletic program. If you have specific injuries or movement disabilities, please consult with us before enrolling in the program to see if GRGT Bootcamp is a good fit for you.
Bootcamp Purchase Rules: Class packages can be used towards any GRGT™ Pilates circuit class or Pilates apparatus class during the program period. A 12-hour cancellation window applies. All sales are final. Please contact us if you wish to pause an Unlimited Group Class Plan while enrolled in the Bootcamp.
GRGT Client Testimonials
“I joined GRGT to change my exercise routine up a bit, but the 6 weeks flew by and when it was over I really missed it. The classes are really fun and upbeat plus it was great to go through the boot camp with the same group each week. The best part, which was totally unexpected, was that I lost inches everywhere and got a lot stronger!”

– Melissa, GRGT Bootcamp Participant

“I wanted to express my gratitude to you and Naimah for adapting exercises… I love being able to workout in a comfortable and fun environment and Maiden Lane Studios has exceeded my expectations.”

– Nikki, GRGT Bootcamp Participant

“I have nothing but an insane amount of praise, appreciation and adoration for Maiden Lane Studios…you gorgeous women have changed my life, and I love you for it!!! I measured today, and I’ve lost 3 ½ inches from my waist and ½ an inch from each arm!!! I’m SOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!”

– Lacy, GRGT Bootcamp Participant

What is a Pilates Circuit Class?

GRGT™ 4-Week Bootcamp is back! We will be offering 3 different GRGT™ Circuit class times per week, over the 4-week period of October 26th through November 21th.

The GRGT™ Pilates Circuit involves high-intensity interval training and is aptly named after our studio motto (Get Right, Get Tight™). This class provides the benefits of Pilates with the results of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Research has shown that HIIT is a more efficient method than traditional steady paced exercise, as it burns fat, builds a healthier heart, tones muscles, and increases metabolism.

GRGT™ combines contemporary Pilates work on the various Pilates apparatus with functional body-weighted movements & plyometric exercises performed at maximum capacity. The class includes a full body warm-up, circuit training, and finishes with Pilates-based abdominal work & stretching. You will work for 45-60 seconds at each station with 15-20 seconds of rest in between. Lengthen & tone, burn more calories, and improve your cardiovascular fitness with GRGT™. All fitness levels are welcome, although we recommend scheduling a private Pilates appointment prior to the bootcamp if you have never worked on any Pilates apparatus. This is a 50 minute class and limited to 6 clients per class.

What is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is any type of workout regimen that rotates between intense bursts of activity with short periods of rest. For example, alternating between 30 seconds of sprinting, then 60 seconds of brisk walking is considered HIIT. HIIT workouts are extremely effective in burning fat, increasing metabolic rate, and are more effective in less time.

Five Benefits of HIIT in the GRGT™ Program
1. Efficient
Research shows that with just 15 minutes of interval training done 3 times per week, one can achieve more progress than jogging on a treadmill for an hour.

2. Burn fat
The effect of the intense exertion in these workout not only aid in calorie burn, but can also amp up your body’s repair cycle – meaning you burn more fat and calories within the 24 hour period after a HIIT workout.

3. Build a Healthier Heart
By pushing yourself into an anaerobic zone, your heart builds stamina and endurance, keeping your heart healthier and able to complete daily activities with ease.

4. Tone Muscle
Unlike steady paced cardio that encourages muscle loss, HIIT workouts preserves hard earned muscle tone. Most of the weight loss that comes with HIIT workouts comes from stored fat, not muscle.

5. Increase Metabolism
On top of the fat burning and preservation of muscle tone, HIIT will also stimulate your metabolism and increase the production of your human growth hormone (HGH) during the 24-hour period after a workout. HGH helps slows down the aging process along with being responsible for increased caloric burn. Win/win all the way around!