Lose Weight While Keeping Your Curves with Pilates

Excerpt from the article “The curvy girl’s guide to getting fit,” by Huma Qureshi

“I don’t practice Pilates to look good, I do it to feel good,” says Huma Qureshi, about her training with Mumbai-based nutrition and Pilates expert Radhika Karle. “I want to lose weight well, by building strength and muscle.” The actor will begin shooting her next film, based on Hollywood’s Oculus (2013), in less than a month.

“I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had,” laughs Qureshi, recalling her first class with Karle. It takes just the first hour to jolt your system into awareness because Pilates works on your core. “Your core is the powerhouse of your body and the stronger it is, the stronger the rest of your body will be,” says Karle. She begins with foot work to warm up before moving to the calorie-killing routines.

“And for Qureshi, crash diets are out of the question: “I don’t believe in starving myself to reach an ideal number on the weighing scale.” Pilates happens to be tailored to exactly what she needs. “What makes Pilates special is that it works on realigning your body to the way it was when you were born. Bad posture and lifestyle destroys the body’s basic alignment and Pilates corrects this,” says Karle. “It isn’t about losing weight aimlessly. I make sure the people who train with me reach their ideal body weight.”

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