Benefits of Pilates

Look & Feel Great

  • Reshapes the body and helps you lose weight
  • Builds comprehensive strength
  • Increases flexibility, mobility & range of motion
  • Improves coordination, control, stability, balance
  • Improves posture and alignment
  • Increases body awareness & the mind-body connection
  • Reduces stress while helping you gain better self-confidence and mental focus & clarity
  • Age better, stand taller, less aches and pains, less wear on body

Safe yet Effective

  • The benefits of Pilates are for people of all ages in all stages of life, including professionals who sit behind a desk everyday, athletes looking to boost performance, rehab patients, and women who are pregnant or who have recently given birth.
  • Unlike many sports and fitness pursuits, Pilates is low-impact: You won’t over wear your knees and joints, allowing you more mobility through your entire life.
  • Pilates is a weight-bearing exercise, helping to improve bone health and maintain bone density.
  • Because of its comprehensive nature, focus on balanced training, and attention to detail (whether private or class-based), Pilates is a highly effective modality to train the body to function at its best.

Supports your Lifestyle

  • Pilates is fun, engaging, challenging, and evolves with you. Pilates will help you whether you’re 18 or 80, beginning a new fitness regimen, or are already extremely active
  • In our everyday life, where we spend much of the day sitting at a desk or driving, Pilates aids in developing proper posture and strengthens the stabilizing muscles that help you sit, stand, and walk correctly. Pilates helps prevent and relieve back and joint pain, as it opens the chest and elongates muscles that have been tightened from sitting forward.
  • Pilates is an exceptionally distinct form of exercise because it emphasizes the mind-body connection and incorporates breath work. Practicing Pilates aids in training the mind to better understand the deep framework of the body, recognizing body imbalances, and how to correct them. Pilates also helps focus the mind while relieving stress and tension in the body.

Pilates for Athletes: Enhance your Edge

  • The benefits of Pilates include an excellent cross-training modality for sports such as golf, cycling, skiing, and running. Pilates can help athletes by strengthening smaller, supporting muscles while enhancing overall strength, endurance, and flexibility. You’ll find that Pilates is extremely popular among top professional and Olympic athletes.
  • Pilates exercises optimal biomechanics and enhances body control, allowing for more precise yet powerful movements. Pilates eventually teaches you to move more efficiently both in athletic pursuits and all aspects of life.
  • Pilates training offsets the stress of repetitive motions performed in many sports, helping lessen wear on the body and prevent injuries.

Pilates for Brides: Look your Best for your Big Day

  • It’s effective and efficient, even on a tight schedule: Victoria’s Secret models use Pilates as a quick go-to when prepping for photo shoots and their annual fashion shows.
  • Results-driven for brides and grooms: Pilates helps cinch the waist and improve posture, tones the arms and back, and creates a firm and lifted backside
  • Pilates increases stamina and energy, while relieving stress.
  • With aerobic & cardiovascular components incorporate into your Pilates sessions, you burn calories and lose weight.

Pilates for Pregnancy: Safe and Beneficial

  • Women who are pre-natal can greatly benefit from Pilates as it specifically strengthens the core and pelvis to support a growing baby, relieves back pain, prevents incontinence, and even helps with a smoother delivery.
  • Pilates is also effective and safe for women who have recently given birth, helping the body regain its alignment and pelvic stability, regaining a flatter, firmer belly.Pilates for pregnancy

Pilates for Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation: Versatile and Effective

  • For those in various stages of physical rehabilitation, Pilates exercises can be modified for each person to gently and effectively re-train the body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion.
  • Unlike traditional forms of physical therapy, Pilates trains the body to move as a whole, creating overall strength and stability, rather than only focusing on the injured part.
  • Physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists refer their patients to Maiden Lane Studios because we’ve successfully worked with all kinds of injuries, clients with spinal and orthopedic issues, neurological problems (MS), chronic pain (fibromyalgia), arthritic impairments and other movement dysfunctions, just to name a few.

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