“Our years-long quest for the perfect Pilates studio had left us feeling like our girl Goldilocks—too big, too hot, too far away… Maiden Lane Studios is just right”
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Pilates Apparatus Classes @ Maiden Lane Studios

“Situated in Union Square, Maiden Lane Studios is just right — a small, sunny, and modern space where we can breathe through our hundreds in peace. Plus, reformer and mixed apparatus pilates classes are limited to just three people, so we can get all the special attention we need.” — Chloé Hennen, 7×7 Full Article

Top 10 Reasons Pilates Leads to a Happy & Healthy Life

Pilates is now more popular than ever – celebrities, professional athletes, and people just looking to get in shape and stay in shape have turned to this amazing physical fitness system.

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Pilates Reformer Workshop for Beginners

Exclusive to Maiden Lane Studios

Learn and practice Pilates fundamentals on the reformer in a 90 minute workshop, taught by Maiden Lane Studios Senior Pilates Instructor, Kelsey Wiedenhoefer. This hands-on class engages full-body work and is a great way to begin and get the most out of your Pilates apparatus class regimen.

Pilates, Pregnancy, and Celebrities

Just because she’s more than 7 months pregnant doesn’t mean Elisabetta Canalis is slowing down her fitness routine — at least not by much!

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Pilates Training Helps Mission Impossible Star

Rebecca Ferguson was introduced to Pilates by the producers of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. I had Pilates to build up muscle and understand how your body works and to elongate muscles. Pilates is great for runners since the fundamentals emphasize balance, mobility and breathing, while strengthening the core muscles that support running.

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Professional Soccer Players Practice Pilates

In addition to being a standalone form of exercise, Pilates exercises are designed to help correct muscular imbalances caused by the repetitive movements an athlete undertakes in pursuit of their sport. Thy help increase flexibility, agility and can help prevent injuries.

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Pilates for Runners – Run Faster, Farther, and with Less Chance of Injury

Whether you’re a competitive runner or weekend jogger trying to shed a few pounds, there’s no doubt that running is an easy way to keep in great cardiovascular shape. But your body can take a beating – this is especially true if it develops asymmetries.

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5 Things to Know About Pilates Exo Chair Routines

The Exo Chair, is based off of the original design of Joseph Pilates’ Wunda Chair. The Wunda Chair was originally designed as a home exercise machine that served as both a piece of workout equipment that you could perform your Pilates exercises on, as well as a functional piece of furniture you could sit on and use in your home.

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Pilates Workouts Lead to Better Orgasms

Most people associate the Pilates method with flat abs. But to get that toned torso, you have to work deep. I mean really deep. I am talking pelvic floor deep. Yep. That muscle group worked during Kegel exercises is also worked in Pilates. There’s a kind of neurological synergy between the pelvic floor and the transversus abdominis, the deepest layer of ab muscle.

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Classical vs Contemporary Pilates

At Maiden Lane Studios, we teach contemporary Pilates, with the same adherence to precision and quality that Joseph Pilates originally envisioned. Although all bodies are different and can benefit from either school of thought, we believe a contemporary form of Pilates is more in line with modern scientific knowledge of the body and innovative by allowing for more creative movements and sequencing. At MLS, you’ll never get the same Pilates routine twice or hit a plateau as our program evolves with current research.

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Pilates Helps Give Six-Year-Old Ability to Walk

Born with cerebral palsy, which heavily restricts movement in her lower limbs, Georgia owes her new-found independence to a remarkable pilot program that uses Pilates reformer equipment to build up the core strength and balance she needs to stand. Ultimately, her family hope she will be able to stand without support.

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Why Supermodels Swear by Pilates

Pilates and supermodels have been a thing since the existence of supermodels. The reason is simple: Pilates creates a lean, healthy, strong body.

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How the Pilates Reformer Can Help Your Golf Game

Take it from someone who knows, Karen Palacios-Jansen is a Certified CHEK Golf Performance Specialist and LPGA teaching professional, and managing editor of Golf Fitness Magazine. Pilates and golf are a winning combination!

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NBA Players Use Pilates to Help Lose Weight

In addition to increased strength & flexibility, NBA players are turning to Pilates for weight loss. Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors answered a few questions about his new Pilates workout routine and what moved him to lose the weight? “I’m still young, but I’m a little bit older, and I can pick and choose how I want my body to look and feel.”

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Fall 2015 GRGT™ Pilates Bootcamp

The GRGT™ Pilates Bootcamp is back! Join us for our Oct 26 – Nov 21 session and get right and get tight in just 4 weeks before the holiday season. The GRGT Pilates circuit class uses high-intensity interval training on the various Pilates apparatus. Choose just GRGT classes over the 4 weeks or combine them with our signature Pilates apparatus classes. GRGT classes will be offered on Mondays at 5:30PM, Wednesdays at 6:30PM and Saturdays at 10:00AM. This program has sold out all six times we’ve offered it, so please sign up

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Pilates for Brides & Weddings

It’s well known that brides want their wedding day to be perfect! Every detail from invitations to flowers and decorations, but most importantly, looking amazing in their wedding dress, is a must. In a study from Cornell University, “70% of 272 engaged women said they wanted to lose weight, typically 20 pounds” for their wedding day. Pilates for brides and weddings is now the first choice by modern brides to be for prepping their bodies for the big day.

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