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Pilates in San Francisco

Experienced, contemporary, and results driven

Pilates in San Francisco

is at Maiden Lane Studios

Maiden Lane Studios offers private, duet, and small group Pilates services to help you achieve your goals and support your lifestyle. We believe Pilates instruction should be intelligent, comprehensive, and effective. Each Pilates session at Maiden Lane Studios is engaging and results-driven.
Our teaching method relies on modern scientific knowledge with regards to proper biomechanics, while maintaining the traditional standards of precision and attention to quality. With years of experience, a passionate teaching staff, and a beautiful environment, we’ve become San Francisco’s choice for quality Pilates.

Pilates Program

Maiden Lane Studios is proudly owner managed and operated. Though our clients include supermodels, professional athletes, and jet-setting CEOs, we believe that everyone deserves the celebrity treatment. Smaller class sizes, personal attention, extra perks, and a beautiful environment can make a difference in one’s fitness regimen. We hope you’ll join us as your studio of choice for Pilates, barre, and yoga.

This is one of the best pilates studios that I have worked out in, including places in NY and LA.

Sun | San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios is the absolute best for Pilates and Barre Classes in San Francisco. I was introduced to the studio last year through lululemon and so glad I found my go-to place for an incredible strength training workout.

Jill | San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios is clean, well-appointed, with the latest in Pilates equipment. The instructors are knowledgeable, gracious and encouraging, and sticklers for correct form (as well they should be), and they push you to your limits but not over, which is right where I like to be.

GW | San Marcos

I LOVE THIS PLACE! I am not a fan of regular “gyms” and prefer more boutique style and this is it! I’m returning to exercising after an injury/surgery and they have taken great care of me. Making sure to adjust accordingly in each of the classes.

Renee | San Francisco

The Maiden Lane Studios Experience
Pilates in San Francisco

& Effective
  • With our Pilates program, we train the body from head to toe, building strength evenly in both major and supporting muscle groups, while increasing flexibility, stability, balance, endurance, coordination, mobility and range of motion.
  • Get a sculpted physique with long and lean muscles. Pilates tones the arms, back, tummy, hips, legs, and backside, while increasing metabolism and even helping you lose weight.
  • Create a strong mind-body connection; Relieve stress and improve mental clarity and focus.
  • Pilates creates awareness within your own body, helping you move better and with more ease, helping eliminate aches and pains, including low back pain, while improving your posture and alignment.
& Engaging
  • We take an all-encompassing, functional approach to our instruction, with the modern body and modern lifestyles in mind. With purpose behind each movement, sessions are thoughtfully designed and structured to ensure you never waste time and get the most out of each session.
  • Not to be confused with being easy or ineffective, Pilates is a low-impact and weight-bearing exercise, keeping your knees and joints free of wear and pain, while maintaining bone density.
  • No two Pilates sessions are ever the same at Maiden Lane Studios. With a nearly countless number of exercises that can be customized to be increasingly more challenging, you will never get bored with Pilates, whether in group classes or private Pilates sessions.
& Unique
  • Pilates benefits individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels, including those who have never worked out before, seasoned Pilates veterans, women who are pregnant or have recently given birth, those with injuries or movement pathologies, and those looking to gain an edge in their athletic pursuits.
  • Unlike traditional forms of exercise that can actually make you more prone to injury (such as running, cycling, weight-lifting, and many sports), Pilates not only helps rehabilitate the body from injuries and pain, but can uniquely help strengthen your body to prevent you from getting injured and experiencing pain in the future.
& Experienced
  • Pilates has been in practice for over a century, and more recently has become part of a “fad fitness” trend. Unlike many studios who offer Pilates without a legitimate understanding of the practice, Maiden Lane Studios is dedicated to the quality of our instruction and delivering the life-long benefits it can produce.
  • We believe in personal attention. By closely working with clients in our private Pilates sessions and small group classes (max 4 in our apparatus classes and 12 in mat classes), we are able to tailor each session and exercise to best suit you and ensure each session is safe and effective.
  • All of our Pilates instructors in San Francisco have gone through extensive and highly-respected Pilates certification programs, and have years of experience working with clients of all backgrounds.
Pilates San Francisco

Our Pilates Program

Our focus at Maiden Lane Studios is teaching Movement for the Modern Body™, which takes a direct approach to understanding the relationship between physical training & exercise, and the needs of the body for strength, flexibility, and balance.

Contemporary Pilates

Maiden Lane Studios takes a contemporary approach to our Pilates instruction, but maintains the traditional standards of precision and attention to quality. Contemporary Pilates is based on the original work of Joseph Pilates, but has been adapted to adhere to modern scientific research regarding proper biomechanics. Our Pilates instruction is informed by today’s knowledge about correct, functional movement. Each session at Maiden Lane Studios is a full body workout, customizable, and always challenging and engaging.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates focuses on the principles of utilizing core strength, precision, body control, and flow of functional movement with sequenced breath. Maiden Lane Studios emphasizes balance and efficiency in our approach to Pilates training. By developing core strength in the deep muscles of the abdomen, back, and hips, Pilates helps build better body alignment and posture. With our intelligent sequencing, involving whole body, multi-joint movements that require full range of motion, Pilates can help create long, lean, and defined muscles. We also emphasize the fundamental connection that Pilates creates between the mind and the body, helping to reduce stress, creating awareness in the body, and improving mental clarity.

Pilates is for Everyone

Supermodels, professional athletes, office professionals, CEOs, stay-at-home moms, and retirees looking to improve their golf game – all choose Pilates at Maiden Lane Studios. The versatility and effectiveness of Pilates makes it a fundamental tool for comprehensively improving fitness and keeping the body healthy and strong for men and women of all ages. Pilates is also beneficial for those with special needs, including women who are in their pre- or post-natal stages, those who want to gain an edge in their athletic pursuits, and individuals with injuries or rehabilitation needs.

Why Maiden Lane Studios?

Maiden Lane Studios’ Pilates program is committed to providing high-quality instruction with an expert staff who work closely with our clients to achieve their goals. Due to the detailed nature of Pilates instruction, we believe that one-on-one and small group instruction is the best and most beneficial way to practice Pilates. Our Pilates programming is thoughtful, effective, and very importantly, safe. Each member of our instructional staff has extensive training from a highly-respected Pilates Method Alliance accredited certification program. With several years of teaching experience under their belts and a passion for what they do, our instructors have worked with clients with all types of needs and goals.
balanced-body1-75h Our San Francisco Pilates studio is fully equipped with state-of-the-art reformers, trapeze and towers, chairs, barrels and arcs, and all necessary accessories. We feature the Balanced Body®, Allegro® 2 reformers for our private and group apparatus classes. We use only the most versatile Pilates reformers on the market, the Allegro® 2, allowing our clients endless possibilities in movement and training.

Pilates Services

Private Pilates classes in San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios offers private, one-on-one Pilates appointments with our exceptional instructors. Private Pilates instruction allows for you to work with an instructor on building a fitness regimen tailored to your needs, whether you are brand new to Pilates, or a seasoned veteran. Details of each session will be noted to track your progress, customize future workouts, and help you meet your goals.
Pilates apparatus classes in San Francisco

Our group apparatus classes allow only 4 clients per class. With the commitment to quality of each session, the intimate size of our apparatus classes ensures that each client is receiving a high level of attention. Our apparatus classes are evolved, challenging, and results-driven, leaving clients with a sense of accomplishment and mindfulness. To maintain a high quality experience in each class, we require clients to be familiar with Pilates apparatus before enrolling in group apparatus class.
Duet Pilates classes in San Francisco

Duet Pilates appointments can be scheduled with a friend or partner. A duet session allows for a great deal of personal attention, but at a reduced cost from a private Pilates session. Duet instruction has the added benefit of working out with a partner, which can be fun and motivating. We recommend duets for clients who are similar in their level of Pilates experience.
Mat Pilates classes in San Francisco

Pilates mat work is built on the foundations of the Pilates repertoire. Utilizing the body’s core muscles in the abs, hips, back, and chest, our Pilates mat program will tone and build endurance, balance, and strength in the entire body. Each class will leave one feeling taller, stronger and more in tune with one’s body. Small Pilates accessories may also be incorporated in our mat classes. Classes are capped at 12 clients per class.

Maiden Lane Studios is the absolute best for Pilates and Barre Classes in San Francisco. I was introduced to the studio last year through lululemon and so glad I found my go-to place for an incredible strength training workout.

Jill | San Francisco

Maiden Lane Studios is clean, well-appointed, with the latest in Pilates equipment. The instructors are knowledgeable, gracious and encouraging, and sticklers for correct form (as well they should be), and they push you to your limits but not over, which is right where I like to be.

GW | San Marcos

I LOVE THIS PLACE! I am not a fan of regular “gyms” and prefer more boutique style and this is it! I’m returning to exercising after an injury/surgery and they have taken great care of me. Making sure to adjust accordingly in each of the classes.

Renee | San Francisco

Pilates Pricing

Pilates Pricing

Pilates New Client Specials

Group Pilates Mat, Yoga, or Barre Classes
  • New Client 3-Pack Group Classes$49
  • New Client 1 Month Morning Early Bird Unlimited Group Classes$139
  • (31 consecutive days of one daily group class before 12:00 PM)

  • New Client 1 Month Early Bird Unlimited Group Classes$169
  • (31 consecutive days of one daily group class before 5:30 PM)

  • New Client 1 Month Unlimited Group Classes$199
  • (31 consecutive days of one daily group class)

Pilates Apparatus Classes
A fan of the Pilates reformer but love to work out in a group environment? Try our Pilates apparatus classes which are limited to 4 students per class. (Pilates apparatus experience is required before purchasing this package to maintain the experience and safety of each class).
    Pilates Apparatus Class

  • New Client 3-Pack$110
First Private Pilates Appointment
Your first Private Pilates Appointment includes an Initial Assessment where your instructor will help map your goals, talk about Pilates fundamentals, and give you an introduction to the Pilates apparatus.
  • First Private Pilates Appointment$99
Pilates Start-Up Package
Our most popular package. Set the foundation for your Pilates practice: The Pilates Start-up Package includes 3 Private Appointments and an additional group Pilates mat, barre or yoga class of your choice. We recommend at least 3 Private Pilates Appointments to fully begin to understand & feel the effects Pilates has on the body.
  • Pilates Start-Up Package$275

Pilates Private & Duet Appointments

Private Appointment with a Senior Certified Pilates Instructor

  • Single Session$120
  • 5 Pack$575
  • 10 Pack$1100

Private Appointment with a Certified Pilates Instructor

  • Single Session$110
  • 5 Pack$525
  • 10 Pack$1000

Duet Appointment

These private appointments with one of our Pilates instructors are for two clients who want to schedule an appointment together – great for friends, partners, and colleagues. Prices are listed per person.
  • Single Session$70
  • 5 Pack$325
  • 10 Pack$600

Pilates Apparatus Classes

Class size is a maximum of 4 clients per class. Please note: Pilates apparatus experience is required before enrolling in apparatus classes to help maintain the experience and safety of each class.
  • Single Session$45
  • 5 Pack$210
  • 10 Pack$400

Pilates Mat Classes (All Group Classes)

All group classes and packs are valid for any combination of Pilates mat, barre, or yoga classes. Each class is capped at 12 students.
  • Single Session$25
  • 5 Pack$120
  • 10 Pack$220
  • 10 Pack$400
Monthly Group Class Memberships
Great for those that love variety and small-sized classes. Enjoy one Pilates mat, barre, or yoga class per day, plus receive 20% off Pilates apparatus classes and save 10% on all activewear purchases. A three-month commitment is required on our monthly group class memberships.
  • Unlimited Group Class Membership$199/month
  • One barre, yoga, or Pilates mat class per day (Less than $9/day)
  • Save 20% on Pilates Apparatus Classes
  • Save 10% on Activewear
    Early Bird Unlimited

  • Group Class Membership$169/month
  • One barre, yoga, or Pilates mat class per day, before 5:30 PM (Less than $6/day)
  • Save 20% on Pilates Apparatus Classes
  • Save 10% on Activewear
    Morning Early Bird Unlimited

  • Group Class Membership$139/month
  • One barre, yoga, or Pilates mat class per day, before 12:00 PM (Less than $5/day)
  • Save 20% on Pilates Apparatus Classes
  • Save 10% on Activewear

Complimentary Amenities

Our clients choose Maiden Lane Studios because of the quality experience we provide them. In addition to expert instruction, genuine customer service, and exclusive perks & events, we provide the following amenities as complimentary to all of our clients:
  • Lockers
  • Towels
  • Changing rooms with toiletries
  • Water, coffee, tea, and champagne
  • All equipment and accessories, mats, balls, etc.

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